Baddy : Zanskar slay the dragons in the final showdown


The Badminton court was filled with the supporters of both hostels who were expecting to have a feast for their eyes. Institute captain Amit Kothari faced off with Shubham Yadav from Jwala in which Amit showed dominance as soon as the shuttle lifted off into the air.

Left-handed Shubham tried his best to receive the smashes handed over to him by the captain and tried to retaliate with surprise drops, but in vain. Amit inevitably won the first set (21-15), satisfied with his performance so far. The excited crowd cheered at every point, be it for supporting their player or sledging the other player. Already dejected shubham was thrown down by Amit with a 21-14 in the next set which involved quite a few bad judgement calls by Shubham. By this time Amit won the first singles match for Zanskar and was halfway through to win the much awaited trophy.

The doubles match which was up next  was much more interesting as Amit paired with Gaurav went against Shubham and Rushil. The Jwala army now got up on their feet and shouted their battle cries in excitement as they won the few initial points as the match took off. Zanskar did the same when Amit broke the serve and started gaining momentum. Finally Zanskar won the set with a 21-15. At this point the room resonated  with the supporters of Zankar as they inched their way to the final victory. But the dragons wouldn’t go down without a fight and it is then that  Shubham and Rushil tried to take the glory away from zanskar and gave in their all in the next set. Later during the match there was definite sledging from the audience which resulted in short delays as the players kept requesting their respective hostel-mates to leave the other players alone. This set was much more exciting as both the teams took the lead alternatively which finally ended up in deuce. The tension in the room mounted up a notch and Zanskar players weren’t looking forward to play another set.  With a loud roar, the tournament came to an end as Zanskar won the next two points securing the trophy.

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