Satpura Advances to Table Tennis Finals


By Rishabh Kumar

On the night of the inter-hostel table tennis semi-finals, Jwala put up a fight, but, could not prevent Satpura from securing a berth in the final, setting up a title clash with Girnar. Tanuj, from Satpura, started the proceedings against Jwala’s Bunny.

The set started with highly intense rallies, and the pair was evenly matched at 1-1, midway through the set. The third game saw an important fight back from Tanuj, who went from being down at 1-3 to lead at 8-3 and went on to win the game. Girnar eventually won the set 3 games to 1. The second set was contested between Prashanth from Satpura and Jwala’s Nishant. The games were close, but Prashanth was unable to keep up with his opponent during crunch points. Nishant’s defense was seemingly impenetrable in the set as he was always looking to make his opponent play the extra shot, getting shots far away from the table back into play. Jwala levelled the match 1-1, as Nishant took the second set 3-0. The third set saw Satpura’s Naveen dominate Jwala’s Kanav, with the former running away with the set 3 games to love. There was immense crowd support for both teams, their roars encapsulating the whole room after every point. Jwala had to win the fourth set to keep their campaign alive, but it was to be otherwise. Nishant was unable to contain Tanuj’s shots, and the latter made it look easy as he secured Satpura a berth in the final. 


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