Kumaon vs Karakoram hockey FINALS


By Shubham Singh Tanwar


The final night of Inter-hostel hockey tournament took place on sunday where a horde of people showed up to support for their favourite players and hostels. It was Kumaon versus Karakoram and with 5 or more than 5 inter-IIT players on both playing 11,

you could expect a fast and intense match. The match began at 1700 hours and from the start you could see the potential and the level of skill both teams possessed. Ujjval, Lalit, Madhu, Manas, Vinay, Kiran matched equally by Ashish(“batti”),JP,Anil,Saurabh,Ankit. Kumaon went on for a more aggressive stance where Kara willed a smarter man-to-man formation.

In the first 15 minutes, the Match could have been anybody’s for both teams had good attack and defense. maybe the stronger attack was from Kumaon but given that they only had two defenders, a good duo of players could have scored a goal against them if they crossed through.Kara knew this and on multiple times made good scoring positions only to be intercepted by the pacy kepper, Akhil. On the Counters, Ujjval and Vinay played their parts magnificently while Narendra and other inexperienced players were asked to mark the Heavy-weights of Kara. this was also the reason why most of  Kara stops weren’t dead-on when talking about long and ‘scoopy’ passes.

The next part of the half seemed equally thralling when Jwala supporters came in to cheer for Kara, seeing this Ara showed up for Kumaon, classic case of “enemy’s enemy is a friend” . anyhow the anti-cheering and cheering was strong from both sides where things went personal very fast. Multiple PCs for Kumaon and one for Kara in the first half out of which none converted in any Goal. This was largely due to players taking up responsibility on the field. Vinay and Avinash broke the flow of PC strikers and passed it on to forwards like Nikhil,Ankit(kumoan) or Vikas through an accurate pass.The half ended with both Teams on nil and 50-50 possession ratio.

The Latter half was a complete blur, as if the first half wasn’t fast enough, the second one was hard to follow with naked eye! passes up and down the field. Injuries everywhere. Curses and cheering. the true show of barbaric and rugged nature of the game! This was the part where JP got hurt adn had to go out to get Dressing on the wound. Seeing a Gap in the team, Ujjval and Madhu striked. they cut across mid-fielders and made for the Goal. JP with a couple of feet of bandage hanging loose from his hand appeared and stalled the onslaught just enough for the defenders to gain sense of what was happening. No goal took place but Kumaon now had a better grasp of the game than before. another PC for Kumaon. No consequences. Its strange how no Goal has come through as of yet even after more than 7 PCs have happened over the game. The half ended and no one had scored a goal. this meant only one thing. SHOOT-OUTS.

i hope every one would agree that a final look the best when it comes down to penalties. Madhu changed to Goalkeeper gear for he was one back in his state championship times. Karakoram was happy , for their keeper was the insti one. aggresive and alert, saurabh was one smart player on the field. 1st round. Ujjval went in for Kumaon and Scored with a scoop, the sheer effortless-ness of the goal made it one for history. Kara could not reciprocate and Madhu stopped albeit by almost falling down. 2nd round. no goals on either side. this one looked like Kara might level in the tally but Madhu did good. 3rd round. no Goals either! it was so electric on the field that you could feel the crackle buzz around. 4th round, Kumaon was looking to seal it with this but No goals in this too! batti­­,JP,Vinay,Lalit,Kiran none of them able to score. at this point. Madhu removed his keeper pads and went up to shoot. 5th round. if Kumaon scores, they win if they don’t and Kara does, its a tie. and with that thought, The coach blew the whistle. Madhu goes in dodges right and then left. scoops and then for the longest millisecond of the day, the ball hovers and land in the goal! Kumaon supporters run in! Its GOLD for Kumaon in hockey. Best player of the Match goes to Lalit . Prize distribution took place and Kumaon lifted the trophy!. Kumaon Domination.proved.

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