Tennis:Zanskar emerge as victors in a match of twists and surprises!


As the inter-hostel tennis get more and more competitive, Zanskar and Satpura clashed in a match that held everyone to their toes till the last point. The first game was a singles one and witnessed seniors from

both hostels playing in which Satpura won 6-3 2-6 6-4. The match began on an enthusiastic note but it seemed that both players had got quite tired.

Next was doubles. It was tense for Zanskar as they were down 1-5 in the first set, but then something unbelievable happened. Game after game, Zanskar kept winning 6 games without conceding a single one and seized the set from the hands of Satpura with 7-5. This was a big moral boost for Zanskar. The next set witnessed Satpura fighting back and winning it 6-4. The third set (10 points tie-break) kept everyone to their toes but it was Zanskar that finally won it 10-8 and with this the second game too.

The third game was a singles clash and was the decider as Saurabh from Zanskar clashed with Dhruvin from Satpura. Saurabh’s 1st service had really good accuracy and power; a couple of aces gave him an edge. Dhruvin’s consistency and excellent court coverage made the match a real competitive one. Both kept breaking each other’s serves and you couldn’t ask for anything more fun. A game that was interesting every other point… witnessed Saurabh as the victor with the score being 6-4 7-6 (7-5) and thus Zanskar won the match against Satpura!

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