Inter-Hostel Squash Finals – When a Mighty Tree Falls


“ Arun! Arun! Arun! “ “Suraj! Suraj! Suraj! “

“Silence! Championship ball.”

Serve and smash and another shot and…

“Down! Point to Arun. Satpura wins!”

 Cheers of joy went up as Arun jumped into the air and Nikhil hugged him, all the while screaming “Satpura! Satpura!”. The King had been dethroned and the Pauper sat on it with elegance. With dejected faces, Kumaon, the erstwhile defending champions and now the runner-ups to the Inter-hostel Squash tournament, grudgingly and yet with a sense of sportsmanship, handed over the title to Satpura.

The Inter-hostel Squash tournament final between Satpura and Kumaon was a highly anticipated event and was viewed with much gusto by everyone present. Emotions ran high as ruthless sledging and words of ‘wisdom’ were exchanged between the players and the residents of the respective hostels. The first set was played between Abani (Kumaon) and Nikhil (Satpura) and the match, literally, set the tone of the game. Both players matched each other, pace to pace, stroke to stroke. 2 sets down into the match, Kumaon seemed sure to lose the 1st match but made an unexpected and much-appreciated comeback by winning the 3rd set. The score at that point, read 11-9 11-8 7-11, in favour of Satpura. With revived hopes, Abani played the 4th set with boosted morale. However, their hopes were short-lived as Nikhil bested Abani and won the 4th set with a ‘close’ score of 11-9, giving Satpura an edge over Kumaon.

The second match was played between the best from each team – Arun (Satpura) and Suraj (Kumaon).  The atmosphere was electric and heated up faster than the squash balls in the court. Kumaon had their hopes pinned on this match to defend their title and their trophy. However, their hopes were ‘squash’ed by Arun’s brilliant performance in the court. Winning the 2nd and the final match in straight sets, Arun secured the trophy for Satpura. The score read 11-6 11-7 11-8, in favour of Satpura. The 2nd match saw numerous altercations between the players over various line cuts and unforced errors and the refree tried to maintain the decorum to the best of his abilities. In the end, Satpura went home with the trophy while Kumaon, having failed to reclaim their title, went away with the satisfaction of a battle well-fought.


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