Kumaon VS Aravalli Hockey (2nd feb)

Where a lot of rumours had been afloat about Kumaon wanting a draw today , the sheer absurdness of the Claim could be seen by the amount of effort The Kumaon Team put in however Three lead players were out to see the Cubs(freshers) play. It was a do or die situation for Ara
. If they won They would face nilgiri in the semis , a draw would have made them face the very formidable team of Kara and a loss would cost them a position in the semis altogether making Jwala a semi-finalist.The match was started with Vigour and both the teams were playing beautifully. Kumaon seniors were trying to pass thorugh to the freshers who were constantly intercepted by Ara players. while the possesion was 60-40 favouring Kumaon, The game was anybody's for the time being. The wall like defence of Kumaon held tight but Aravalli's attack was strong. without the attack trio of Ujjwal ,Lalit and Avinash, Kumaon was never able to get the ball to the dee even after continuous and skilled maneuvering from Vinay. Half time was sounded at 15 minutes, again an unprecedented match length. In the field, It was again the same scenario, when cornered, the Aravalli defenders had this fool-proof way of Hitting the ball outside so as to break the onslaught. with the sun going down and the flood lights not working, the match was declared a draw at 30 minutes. Jwala supporters who were on the sidelines were clearly disappointed. Aravali faces Karakoram on wednesday. 0-0 best player of the match: Vinay 


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