Udaigiri swept away by Satpura


Squash – 28-01-2016 – Match 2

Udaigiri VS Satpura – Satpura wins

In what could be termed as a one-sided match between Satpura and Udaigiri,

Udaigiri heroically played but to no avail as they were whitewashed by Satpura, who won all three games without much hassle. The first game went on to the 4th set with Udaigiri managing to win one set. After that, Satpura completely slaughtered Udaigiri, winning the remaining two games as well, with straight sets. The strength, experience and skill of Satpura was quite evident as they won the game neatly with no blood on their sleeve.All we could say was, ‘Better luck next time, Udaigiri!’.

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