The thrill you ought to not have missed! #GD’16


“Tonight I am not takin’ no calls for I’ll be dancing!” Such was the enthusiasm associated with Inter Hostel Group Dance Competition that it took dancers whole over the institute offline for those 5 exuberating hours

to connect with the roaring crowd assembled in Seminar Hall IIT Delhi on the night of 26th January. One of the most awaited events, Group Dance competition saw 200+ dancers from 13 hostels expressing their flair for this art form, surrendering themselves to music and letting the rest of the world disappear. Every corner of the hall was infused with energy as people cheered for their respective hostels. From Charleston to Hip-Hop, Contemporary to Bollywood, you name a dance form and the seminar hall would have witnessed it all! And not to forget, acts over Royal Rumble 2016 were the cynosure of the show and Swati Agarwal and Ankit Mandavat ensured that the audience was enjoying every moment of the show. The judge himself put up a breathtaking performance before he declared Kailash House to be the winner of Group Dance 2016. Satpura and Karakoram were the runners up and Himadri and Girnar jointly achieved the third spot. It was such a treat to be in the audience, no wonder how great it would have been for the dancers themselves? So, yes there are some shortcuts to happiness. One of them is Dance.

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