Shiva beats Satpura 3-0 in Hockey


By Alankar Meshram

In game number 13 of the inter hostel hockey tournament, Shiva emerged victorious with a 3-0 score against Satpura.

It was the 26th and the republic spirit was still in the blood and bones of the two teams as the

y came onto the field for what was going to be another one sided affair. Being a holiday, both the teams were rested and had ample of time to warm up before the action began.
Ankit opened up the score for Shiva with a fabulous hit. His prowess was proved the moment he flicked it past the goalie. Needless to say Shiva was high on morale and possession for the rest of the match. Inter IIT experience helped Robin to convert a penalty corner to another successful goal for Shiva. The third and the final goal of the match came from the stick of Pintoo and the game was sealed. On the other hand Satpura did have their moments but luck was not on their side today. They fought hard till the last minute to score but all was in vain.

So the full time score was 3-0 and Shiva boys left the field with the chants of Jai Shiva! 


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