Nilgiri tumbles as Zanskar lifts the Volleyball trophy!


The evening of 23rd Jan witnessed the most awaited match for volleyball enthusiasts as Zanskar and Nilgiri clashed in the finals of Volleyball for the winner’s title. A large crowd from both hostels had assembled to cheer and support their respective teams. The 3 set match began on a high note as players filled with zeal gave their best.

Zanskar, the strongest team had 5 Inter‐IIT players, while Nil had 2. The first set was a close one, yet Zanskar claimed it in the end as the score read 25 (Zanskar) ‐ 23 (Nil). Tushar and Akshay of Nilgiri tried but the team couldn’t do much as they lost the second game too with the score being 25 (Zanskar) – 19 (Nil).

By the time the third game began, the atmosphere had become quite intense as Nil was in a do or die situation while Zanskar was filled with the confidence of winning 2 games straight. The third game began on a high note for Zanskar as they were leading with 10‐5. Throughout the game, Zanskar maintained a lead but as points progressed, the gap widened as Anmol Deep gave some aggressive smashes that made the Zanskar fans cheerier. Throughout the three games, it appeared that Nilgiri lacked coordination within the team as they lost some important points due to improper communication. Zanskar’s excellent team coordination along with strong players and support from hostel‐mates took it to victory as they claimed the third game 25‐15 and hence won the finals with glory! Vivek, a fresher from Zanskar was proud to play inter‐hostel in the first year was commended by his teammates for his outstanding effort. Shantanu Mathankar lifted the trophy along with his team‐mates. Arabinda Barua, who has recently completed his PhD was happy to have played and won the finals. 

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