Jwalamukhi vs Girnar Badminton : 2-1


By Aman Rai

There were three matches in total, the first and third being singles. The first singles was taken by Girnar’s Akash Yadav against Jwala’s Sandeep Yadav, the score was 2-0. The first set (21-14) was nearly a one sided finish by Akash. Sandeep fought hard in the second set (21-19) but in vain. 
The Girnar supporters looked happy after a great head start.

In the doubles match Jwala’s (Rushil and Sandeep ) win (2-1) against Girnar’s Akash and Siddharth were a booster for the supporters as well as the Jwala Shuttlers. 

In the first set, Jwala looked strong and buckled up to save their match which was reflected in the scores (11-3) after the first time out. Girnar scored 6 in a row but it came to no use after a monstrous point gap and Jwala thrashed Girnar 21-17. Girnar posed a better fight in the second set by stealing 4 consecutive points  to win the set 21-19. 
The third set was Jwala’s last chance to be in the game and they finished it close despite Girnar’s lead till the timeout . The third set (21-18) saved Jwala’s hopes and the second singles was the decider. With so much of pressure mounting, the supporting junta from both the hostels spared no efforts in helping their players overcome the anxiety. Jwala (Rushil) won both the sets despite Girnar having a fresh player (Aditya) who wasn’t fatigue-struck.
Though the first set went neck to neck till the timeout (11-9), Rushil scored six points in a row that gave Jwala a big lead and the final score was 21-15. The deciding set was more of a one sided game by Rushil, owing to all the cheering by his supporters who outnumbered that of Girnar’s by a great margin, the final score was 21-11.

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