The Humdrum of Registration


By Priyanshi and Vipasha

‘Well begun is half done’- To bend the quote a little, the registration process at the beginning of every semester becomes so time consuming and cumbersome that once you are done, it feels like half the semester is done! The amount of discussions, debates and consulting that takes place to pick the right courses adds up to much more than the effort we put in for the entire semester.

And man does it hurt to have to drop a core to pick up a course you like or to drop a HUL to pick another and to end up with neither! So fasten your seat belts and get ready to revisit all the drama once again!

We conducted a survey for students’ opinion about the old and new academics websites and about 100 people filled the survey, check out the results!


Every semester the registration process used to take place on However this semester, we were greeted by academics1, campus1’s second cousin. Like every change, this was also greeted with mixed opinions. Some appreciated it for its user-friendliness and simplicity, there were plenty who criticized it for slower registration process and lack of features which campus1 boasted off. We approached M.R. Ravi for the reasons behind this change he told us that WIPRO, which used to earlier handle the functioning of campis1, internally decided to withdraw from this field leaving us with no option but to create and manage our own website. 


Could the grouping process BE any more frustrating? Till the last semester, it seemed improbable. However, with new site come new issues. Group 0 complicated the process of allotting lab schedules and planning tutorial classes to a considerable extent. This issue has been resolved this week only and group 0 has been finally merged with other groups but not before making everyone scratch their heads in confusion. By default, on registering for a course, everyone is put into group 0 and then groups are assigned automatically. The students which were in group 0 after classes commenced were added manually by U.G. Section to the database and hence were left out during the automatic redistribution.   


20 odd years back, the institute had labs on 3 days of the week. Owing to increased number of students, it was increased to 5 days. But life moves in a full circle. The newly constructed labs in LHC with the ability to host more number of students have made it possible to bring down the number of labs in a week to 4. The decision was taken in order to keep Wednesdays free for seminar courses and guest lectures or events in the institute which earlier used to clash with labs and tutorials. More than that it serves as a much needed break in the middle of the week. 


Every semester comes with some show-stopper courses that attract masses towards themselves. With the desire to learn or to get it on CV or to just follow the trend, students try to add them to their carts. However this year many departments faced the issue of their core course clashing with their “precious”.

Many students could not pick either SBL or CVL owing to a clash with a core. Most notably more than a hundred students filed an application for change of slot of COL106: Data Structures and Algorithms. Due to lack of faculty members required to float it in two separate slots and prior registration of many students in the given slot, the request could not be accepted.


Even though there are still many unsolved issues such as having to drop your HUL course to check the availability of another, the one click course deletion without any warning, missing field of number of registered students for a course and so on, we should try and understand the amount of effort it took to create a whole new platform in such a short duration of time. Also the process is bound to improve with time. So, pat your backs and congratulate yourself for figuring out your time table. Till the next semester then. See you around!

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