Nilgiri beats Kumaon to enter Volley Finals 22-Jan-16


By Somya Khandelwal

Nilgiri hostel continued their winning streak in an adrenaline pumped affair, as they beat Kumaon in straight sets, 25-24 25-14.

Nilgiri team seemed to be more confident than their opponents, but Kumaon managed to keep the score line neck to neck in the first set.

So much so that the first set witnessed a weird phenomenon of having 10 deuce before it finally ended in Nilgiri’s favour 25-24. Then in the second set Kumaon gave up all their efforts and won the second set and thus the match with much ease. Best efforts from Nilgiri were by Akshay Karol in the match whose successive smashes gave Kumaon more of a morale blow than anything else.

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