The Nilgiri vs Jwala match was by far the most competitive volleyball match tonight. It was a real nail-biter and the balance of the match kept shifting like a pendulum throughout the match. But, Nilgiri had thelast laugh sealing the high profile encounter 23-25

28-26 15-12. Both the teams had supporters in good numbers and there was some serious cheering going on from boththe sides. The NSO students  gathered around the court  further added to the crowd.

The competition was cut throat through out the match and one couldn’t till the very end of a set predict its fate .The second set was the absolute maxima of the match when both the teams were tied at 24-24 and it was anybody’s game to take. Nilgiri were serving to stay in the match but they kept their nerve and took the set 26-28. Capitalizing on the momentum from the 2nd set victory , Nilgiri once again kept their cool in the 3rd set and took control of the match exhibiting some smart volleyball skills. Jwala showed some resistance but it was to be a Nilgiri day! As the Nil bulls sealed the match, the Nil supporters were ecstatic and started shouting the slogans in praise of their hostel.


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