Nilgiri vs Aravali (Volleyball) 19-Jan-16


– Somya Khandelwal

In what proved to be a cakewalk for one team and backbreaker for another, Nilgiri beat Aravali in straight sets. Nilgiri won the match within 20 minutes by 25-13 , 25-1 .


Aravali won the toss and chose side and started the match head to head with Nilgiri . Both sides continuously broke each other’s service. Both teams appeared gaining points smoothly until fresher Shubham slammed 6 continuous aces in his service, and then their inexperienced squad was exposed to trouble and they never came back into the match. Nilgiri won the first set 25-13.
Then in the second set, things became a matter of formality for Nilgiri to complete the match. Aravali lost the set B  by 25-1 and a burden of shame. Man of the Match was Tushar Thote who was the one serving in second set without break. Nilgiri players then went on brimming with confidence for their next match.




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