Basketball: Karakoram tramples over Satpura


-Kshitij Choudhary

The second semifinal was essentially a one man show, where the one man army of Karakoram eased to a comfortable win by 40-14 over Satpura. The mixture of finesse, control and aggression shown by Rohan Mital, the star player of Karakoram was an insurmountable wave of scoring gameplay that Satpura could not counter.

Right from the word go, Kara were relentless in their attack as well as defence, taking a lead of 16-4 in the first quarter itself. The subsequent quarters followed followed a similar script, with Rohan being the the spearhead of the attack. Some quick laps taken by Sreenath of Kara, were quite impressive and showed Kara’s great counter attacking abilities. In one unfortunate incident, Satpura’s Punit was injured in the knee and had to exit the game for medical attention.

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