Basketball: Girnar knocks out Udaigiri


-Kshitij Choudhary

The first semi final was a total annihilation of Udaigiri by Girnar as the winners took the match by 55-17. The superior gameplay of Girnar was characterized by their swift passing and on-point shooting. The first quarter started with sluggishness from both sides, but Girnar soon upped the tempo, and scored freely to end the quarter with 14-3.


The second quarter was evenly matched with both teams scoring 10 each. Then the momentum shifted completely in Girnar’s favour with the fourth quarter giving Girnar 30 points and nil for Udaigiri. 

The weaving laps of Bhargava and the excellent blocking by Ritvik and Pawan were a treat to watch. Ajay and Pranav also made important contributions to this huge win.

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