Kumaon smashes its way to victory (Volleyball)


Kumaon and Shivalik – the two giants of the sport- met each other in a high-voltage match, both determined to outdo the other and taste sweet victory. With experienced (as well as inter-IIT) players on both sides, the teams were well-balanced in all terms and hence, the match was a spectacle to watch for everyone. The first set began with both teams going neck-to-neck against each other.


After several bouts of smashing and diving, Kumaon gained a lead which eventually won them the first set which was scored 25-17. The second set witnessed yet another spectacular show of tactics and skills by the players with people diving left and right. While Kumaon was intent on capturing the game by winning the second set as well, Shivalik was playing to keep its hopes alive for a third set. However, a brilliant performance by Kumaon won them the second set and the game. The second set ended with a score of 25-20, in the favor of Kumaon. The highlight of the game was easily the performance of the front players in the Kumaon’s team who managed to block every incoming smash and smash every ball into the other side of court, thus earning the victory for Kumaon.


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