Clay Modelling Competition


The Fine Arts Club organized a Clay Modelling Competition today with a fairly large number of interested participants and the event was a tremendous success. The event was introduced as a shift in the norm and as an inviting means to stoke the creative talents of the students. The turn up and enthusiasm was notwithstanding the fact that a large number of participants had little if any experience in the subtle and skillful art of clay modelling.

Around forty teams of three each participated in the competition and worked patiently and laboriously for the stipulated duration of three hours. The venue, Student Activity Center, was a feast for the eyes as awe-inspiring pieces of art slowly evolved from the otherwise uninteresting lumps of clay over time and the theme, ‘The World Back In Time’ was realized in interesting ways in each of the artworks. By the end, the result was a fascinating collection of beautiful and thought-provoking creations in clay. The judges, Mrs. Sunita Lamba and Mr. A.K. Ganguly very patiently surveyed the diverse set of artworks and were extremely impressed by the amount of effort and skill that had gone into the same.

The team from Jwalamukhi was awarded the first place, followed by Kumaon in the second place and Karakoram in the third position. It was a fun event and a great learning opportunity for the budding artists in an unexplored domain. The secretary, Avinash Patel is to be congratulated on a very successful and smooth organization of the event.


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