Change in Hostel Mess Fee Structure


As all of you might be aware about the fact that from this semester onwards, there has been a change in anatomy of hostel mess fees. It has been changed from 17,000 to 22,000 for boys’ hostel while 15,000 to 17,000 for girls hostel. A team headed by Associate Dean Hostel Management Professor Subba Rao, Assistant Registrar Amitabh Mukherjee and Dean of Student Affairs, Professor S.K. Gupta have decided to collect vacation (summer and winter) mess fees along with semester fees. Here is a detailed interview about the new policy with BHM Secretary Yoshita Agrawal.

According to this policy, students have to pay twice in a year (each for 180 days) for messing including summer and winter vacations as opposed to paying 4 times a year individually for different messing. This policy has been implemented due to the past record of students paying fines for irregularities in payment and wasting their parents’ money due to the complexity of payment procedure. This also helps in creating a uniform and streamlined system for collecting fees. This policy has been launched to reduce fines, therefore, no interest shall be given for this extra payment. Summer mess fees of students who wish to stay at home during vacations shall be deducted from next semester’s mess fee. As always, next semester’s mess fee shall be decided by respective hostel expenditure. This is an exception for final year students who have to follow the old fee structure to avoid mislay of their money.

After 4 months of similar mess food, students generally want to eat at other places. But, the IIT authority has clearly stated that all the students residing hostels must consume in their assigned messes only. Any residential place charges for housing, messing, electricity and water supply. But, IIT charges Rs. 5,500 only once in 4 years for housing. So, basically IIT charges only for electricity, water supply and mainly, messing (raw materials + mess workers’ salaries). Government messing is implemented in all hostels except Himadri. If students eat from outside, then the cost of raw material for students eating in mess shall increase. This decreases requirement for mess workers leading to unemployment.

The other alternative is private messing which has been tried in the past with Zanskar hostel. Its failure leaves support only for government messing. But, if the majority of students in a hostel consent for private messing, then IIT authorities are more than happy to support for private messing. But, for now, to create a stable structure, we have to obey new rules and eat in our respective messes during vacations.

P.S. Don’t forget to deposit required money in your bank accounts by 21st Jan’ 16.

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