Satpura vs Vindhyachal


Basketball match

In yet another one sided match in inter-hostel basketball tournament, Satpura team annihilated Vindhyachal. It would be right to say that on ground the Vindhyachal team was much more humiliated on field than its score of 06 points against 31 on paper, would embarrass them.

Vindhaychal team never showed that they were there for any contest and neither did they prove to be any. Vindhaychal opened their account only in the second quarter and by then it was clear that we all were about to witness a one sided affair. All the points scored by Vindhaychal were bagged by Tarun.
Satpura team had taken score to 22-02 by half time and the game was already in their hands. Most number of baskets were scored by Abhishek for Satpura bagging 12 points.
Match result
Satpura beat Vindhyachal   31-06
Man of the match : Abhishek


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