Kumaon vs Nilgiri



Kumaon beats Nilgiri 4 to nil in a one ­sided match. Kumaon efforts were visible even before the match began, the whole team was present 15 minutes before the game practising. 5 min. to match, both teams huddle up.

Kumaon in yellow and Nilgiri in red. The crowd shouts JAI KUMAON and the match begins. Nilgiri supporters were outnumbered. 4 minutes into the
game, kumaon defends the initial attacks of Nilgiri , ball to Marcus, he hits ball and a nil player simultaneously. The reds have to opt for their first
substitute due to injury.The teams are well matched as of now. 10 minutes into the game, no shoots from either side.Nil takes a desperate shoot but the
freshers from kumaon are performing when required. running up and down the field irrespective of their experience, they act professional. Kumaon goes
for a counter. beautiful cross from Marcus to Sarda, Sarda shoots! GOAL! a well assessed goal, the crowd cheers Sarda! and JAI KUMAON!. 15 minutes
into the game. Nilgiri clearly lacks the ability to pass long. The Defensive line of Kumaon shoots outside if the ball crosses their internally decided
threshold. Ball goes to corner. Dil manages to break the D , they shoot caught by Maanas. kumaon counters.Elegant passing and dodging by Ashim
Garg (no.9 Kumaon).takes a shoot. no consequence, goalkeeper catches.
Marcus marches on like an engine, his burly built intimidates all defender 20 min in 1­nil . kumaon in the lead. Half time. Kick off­ kumaon hits, kanishq
takes on himself to clear the defender, partially successful,Passes to Marcus. Marcus was not covered by any player, goes slowly but swiftly,
scores a goal so politely. we were half expecting that he would say thank you to the keeper and keeper would reply in kind. 2­0 that too in just 2 minutes after halftime. Kumaon takes another shoot , misses. but the point is made, they seek to play offensive from this point on.Harsh and sarcastic anti-
cheering from the crowd clearly messes up the remaining morale of Nil.The Tigers clearly in control here. 18 minutes to go.Hand in the D from Nilgiri.
tigers take a kick. miss. kumaon changes strategy, they kick long and in rather than outside.The crowd gets divided due to sudden influx of Nilgiri
supporters.10 minues to go.Marcus shoots again. keepers stops.Nilgiri grows desperate exhausted , they manage to hit Ashim, he gets up
continues. Kumaon continues the onslaught. 8 minutes to go. kumaon takes another shoot. that’s 7 to 2 shoots at goals.and another. this goes through.
3­0 great going from Ankit.And another! 4­0 again ankit goes past defenders shoots. GOAL. nil supporters leave the ground. the match is gone. no
miracles possible for nil with 5 min remaining. Babur, takes a sprint dodges shoots ,keeper takes , truly a Freshers’ show for Kumoan. with the
scoreboard at 4 to nil. tigers are now playing around with the bulls. no escape for nil here.match ends. Kumaon wins easily. Best Player of the
match is shared by Marcus and Ankit.


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