Basketball: Shivalik’s thumping victory over Kumaon



Shivalik triumphs over Kumaon with a overwhelming difference in the final score (21-6).


Best Player: Prateek Kaleshwar (Shivalik) with a personal score of 11points.

After the much exciting match of  Zanskar vs Girnar in the cold windy night, Shivalik and Kumaon
faced each other . The game started with a lot energy from both sides where the ball went to and fro
for a long time before Prateek Kaleshwar (shiva) broke the silence with a 3-pointer, opening the
scorecard. The first quarter ended with a  score of 3-4 with Kumaon in the lead.
The subsequent game was pretty much one-sided and dominated by Shivalik where Prateek
Kaleshwar (Shiva) and Prateek Garg (Shiva) took turns to score baskets and Shiva managed not to
concede any points which landed them with a 4-0 and 6-0 leads in the next two quarters.  Kumaon
struggled to stay afloat in the game and could finally squeeze in an extra basket which landed them
with 2 more points in the final quarter. But the damage was overwhelming to Kumaon and the game
ended with a final score of 21-6. Both the Prateeks have done it for the team and made the victory
look like a walk in the park!


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