Basketball:Shiva wins a heart-throbbing battle as Satpura fought till the last minute


It was perhaps the most exciting match of the pool as the scoreline was equal at 14-14 till the last minute. Both teams started scoring early. The crowd was left in awe when Satpura made a long pass as the other person was aiming for a basket when Prateek Kaleshwar

from Shiva made a powerful tap with a thud and paralysed Satpura’s attack. Satpura was quick to rebound yet Shiva led the first quarter with 7 with Satpura trailing at 4 points. Satpura tried to close in the gap with second quarter scoreline reading 8 (Satpura) – 9 (Shiva). The third quarter saw the best of Satpura as by the end of it they were leading with 12 points as Shiva didn’t score any point in it. The last quarter kept everyone on their toes – the players filled with vigour and spirit giving their best, friends from hostels motivating the players and the referees with their keen eyes. Till the last minute, the scoreline was almost equal when Satpura took a timeout. Just after it, Shiva was quick to score a two pointer followed by a basket on a free shot leaving Satpura in a do or die situation. Satpura scored a two pointer but it just wasn’t sufficient. At the end it was Shivguns (with 18 points) that prevailed over the Satpura Samurais (with 16 points).


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