Basketball:Kara Impose Their Will


Karakoram thrashed Zanskar 40-13 in the second basketball match on Saturday thanks to a fantastic performance from Rohan Mital. Before the start it promised to be a very competitive game with Kara on a straight run of victories and Zanskar losing just once before.

Kara were heavily reliant upon their star man Rohan and Zanskar looked upon Siddhant Pradhan, Rajat and Karan for inspiration.
As the game started Zanskar raced ahead to a 4-0 lead with Rajat scoring the first two chances of the game. Kara then, under the leadership of Rohan mounted a comeback scoring 9 points straight in the first quarter which ended at 9-4 with Kara leading.
In the second quarter, once again Rohan proved to be too much of a challenge for the Zanskar defence as Kara raced ahead to a 17-4 lead. The score at halftime was 20-6 with Kara in a commanding position. It was a similar story for the next two quarters, with Zanskar missing a lot of chances as Kara continuously scored at the other end. The third quarter ended at 32-10 and the final score was 40-13. 
Rohan Mital was once again the top scorer for Karakoram with an astounding tally of 34 points on his own.


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