Basketball:Girnar Make It 3 of 3.




In a highly anticipated match between two of the favourites to lift the basketball trophy Girnar mounted an amazing comeback and stamped their authority. Zanskar took the lead immediately after the start with Karan converting the first chance of the game. The first quarter was a display of some excellent finishing by the Zanskar team with Girnar missing a large number of chances. The first quarter ended at 10-4 with Zanskar in the lead and Girnar in desperate need of some quality finishing. As the second half progressed so did Girnar tightening their defence. Finally the duo of Ritvik and Bhargava started to combine and in an utter annihilation of Zanskar in the second quarter the scores at halftime were 18-12 with Girnar in the lead. Desperation was creeping in the Zanskar team at halftime as they were in dire need of a change of tactics. As the play resumed, it seemed that the Zanskar might come back as they brought the scores to 16-18. This didn’t last for long as Girnar never allowed them back in the game playing a beautiful passing game and extending their lead to 30-16. Zanskar, towards the end of the third quarter once again mounted a comeback scoring 4 pojnts and the scores were 30-20 as we went into the final quarter. With the assembled crowd cheering on their respective teams the final session of play resumed. Zanskar started the final quarter brightly reducing the gap between the two teams to 8 points but the quality of the combined Girnar team seemed far too much for the opposition as they increased their lead to an unattainable 13 points. Despite the valiant efforts of Siddhant Pradhan from the Zanskar team, Girnar were able to see through the game with relative ease and secure the victory as Pawan shone in both defence and offence scoring 12 points in the game. Rajat Kharbanda shone for Zanskar also scoring 12 as well.



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