Basketball:Girnar Continues To Enthrall


Girnar completely schooled Aravali in the first basketball match on Saturday winning 47-14. Going into the match Girnar were heavy favourites for the victory boasting a squad with four Inter-IIT players, Pawan, Bhargava, Ritvik and Arush. On the other hand thier opponents

, Aravali were yet to win a single game in the tournament. As the match began, it didn’t take long for Girnar to take the lead with Pawan scoring the first basket. The gap in the level of both the teams was evident from the start with Girnar racing to a 9-0 lead before Aravali scored their first bringing the score to 9-2. The first quarter ended at 13-4 with Aravali’s chances looking very bleak. The second quarter was nearly a repeat of the first, Girnar controlling the game throughout and scoring at will. Pawan maintained the tempo of the game contributing both in attack and defence with some invaluable taps and blocks. The core at halftime was 29-10 with Girnar in a comfortable lead. Aravali started the third quarter brightly attacking and testing the Girnar defence with renewed energy and vigour, butbit bore very little fuit as Girnar were proving to be too good for them. The third quarter ended at 37-12 with an inevitable Girnar victory only a few minutes away. For the final period of the game Girnar rested a few of their players, as the game was nearly in the bag. The game finally ended at 47-14 with Girnar winning with relative ease.
Ritvik Singh was the top scorer of the game with 20 individual points, and Bhargava Bhat was judged as the best player.


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