Basketball: KARA vs ARA


Karakoram beats Aravali by 34-15

Best Player- Rohan (Karakoram)

 A pretty much one sided match in which Karakoram emerged victorious by scoring 34 points in return to 15 points scored by Aravali. The match began by Karakoram showing their dominance in the first quarter itself which ended with the score of 11-4. In the second quarter they increased their lead with the half time score of 17-8. The second half was no different in which the third quarter proved out to be the game sealing for Karakoram as the third quarter score being 28-10. The final quarter was no different and just concluded Karakoram’s victory. Rohan of Karakoram was the best player of the match who scored 24 of the 34 points scored by Karakoram.


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