Satpura in yellow vests and vindy in red.The coach goes through all the basic sportsmanship qualities and asks teams to abide by them.teams huddle up,vindy starts off shooting away from the hospital side post.the ball stays around the central line.teams are well matched as of now

. foul by satpura results in the first valid shoot at goal from any team, unsuccessful but the retaliation from satpura is not fast enough. 0-0 as of 8 minutes into the game.Now, vindy is clearly on the offensive. 11 min into the game Satpura goes for fast counters. the Griffins defend. However even without a plan , the sheer talent of satpurian strikers and poor passing by vindy defenders, satpura loses the defensive stnce and acts on the offence 17 minutes in. 21 minutes, offside from satpura. the fog is thick , and crowd really biased towards vindy.

Yellow no. 8 ,Pranjal is running like the wind, satpura strikers are really hitting it off ,no.16 and no.8 complement each other well, “football is like a dance, as much as you need dexterity you also wanna have complete trust on your partner”says the timekeeper, Mr. Ashank.

Half time, the score stands nil-nil. teams huddle up. General small talk over tea from the refrees and coaches, match resumes.satpura kicks off. A clear improvement in the defence line of Vindy, the nature of the game demands some futile shoots from both sides.Foul from satpura. no consequences. 0-0 . Pranjal dodges the defender, beautiful pass towards no. 12. misjudges, shoots haywire. Continuous shoots from satpura, puts pressure on Vindy. 10 minutes left in the game, there is no clear winner. Vindy goalkeeper and satpura defence lines are walls, both not submitting to onward players. The crowd sways to Satpura. match grows intense. Vindy substitutes. Red-16.

5 minutes left, foul against no.4 from satpura, stays on the ground for a while. gets up plays on. The coach sounds the whistle. match ends. TIE 0-0 . Satpura vs Vindyanchal.


The Overall Best performer of the match is jersey no. 5 from Satpura, Hitesh Khatri.

Reported by-Shubham Singh Tanwar

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