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The Board of Student Publications is the journalistic and creative publishing faction of the Indian Institute of Technology , Delhi. It aims at providing the students with high quality publications to encourage the expression of creativity and personal views, in a way which is intellectually stimulating. It also focuses on efficiently reporting events all round the campus, to keep people informed about all the institute happenings.

The BSP comes up with magazines and newsletters to promote good literature as well as cover and analyse the affairs of the institute. These magazines include the Sync, Muse and the one which you are holding right now, each one serving a unique purpose. The newsletter, Inquirer, acts as a platform to highlight the students’ views and discuss about them from a neutral perspective.

The board publishes its work both in print and online for easy access. To promote the writing culture, submissions are taken from the student community itself. It also conducts regular surveys regarding the issues of the campus, to inspect the opinion of the masses. All these can be easily accessed from the board’s website.

 Publishing these works is no doubt a herculean task and therefore we have an awesome team here. The board is subdivided into teams of creative writing, journalism and design. Each of these work together to come up with reading material that is literarily interesting and artistically appealing.  

The annual literary festival ‘Literati’ is a centre of attraction for all the literature fanatics. The 3-day carnival is something you must keep an eye on. Apart from this, the Board has other events on the cards which ranges from talks by eminent personalities to numerous proficient workshops. Therefore, it serves the purpose of informing, educating and entertaining.


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