Swept Away by the Rain


” I refreshed the opened website after every half an hour, hoping that something magical would happen. But the grim forecast of persistent heavy downpours dampened my spirits even further.

It was already 5th December. Only 9 days left for the much awaited inter IIT sports meet. Nine days…”

The only implication of “Winter is coming” was inter IIT for all of us. For the final year guys, it was a last chance to don their jerseys and kick some ass. It’s the determination to bring home the GC which drove us all. Eventually over the year, badminton became more than just a game for me and the court more than just an old wooden structure-It was the one place where I was away from all the exam pressure, project submissions and a 101 other irrelevant things; it was the one place where I could sweat it all out. Our daily evening practices got more intense and more demanding. Minor injuries were shrugged off, only acting as a motivation to improve a tad bit further. After the majors, with early morning as well as long evening practices, our life virtually revolved around playing and then collapsing into sleep out of exhaustion. And it all boiled down to the GC, to the Inter IIT.

Unfortunately, God had other plans. Come December and Chennai witnessed the worst floods in over a hundred and fifty years! Property worth crores was destroyed, several lives were lost and heavy military rescue operations were underway. Trains were diverted and flights were cancelled. In fact, a single ticket for simply flying out of Madras reached an exorbitant amount of 50,000. The stranded students of IIT Madras faced a huge problem too-the floods had brought the placement season to a standstill. Rumour has it that the last few interviews took place in candle light, which only reinstates the extreme condition. The placements resumed on 6th January. The generic life of students was altered altogether; the low lying areas like many hostels and the Student Activities’ Centre being fully submerged, no power supply for nearly 7 2 hours, limited food and water supply. Heck, the situation was so drastic that the students ate whatever the mess provided without a single complaint(and that says a lot). They were just satisfied with getting 3 meals a day. In such a situation, the idea of having a big-scale sports meet was foolish and impractical, not to mention highly insensitive.

Thus, the inter IIT was cancelled until further notice. All our efforts went down the drain, literally swept away by the rain. After life in Madras came slowly back on track, there was a proposal to host the Inter IIT in the last few days of December with a slightly tighter schedule. But to book the flight tickets of 3000 students on such a short notice was an expensive option and was hence dropped altogether. The faint silver lining was disappearing back into the Madras clouds. Another video conference between the different IITs was dedicated to the possibility of keeping it in March. However, it meant providing accommodation to a massive number of enthusiasts solely in common rooms as the hostel rooms would be occupied, unlike in December. Apart from this, to get 16 IITs to have their semester break simultaneously for a slot in March was simply not a viable option.  With a heavy heart and to the dismay of thousands of students, the 51st Inter IIT Sports Meet was officially called off.

It’s definitely not over, not yet.The IITD Sportech this year will be our very own mini-inter IIT. 7 IITs from North India have been invited to battle it out and wrap up some serious unfinished business. To make sure that it only stays business, any other college won’t be allowed to interrupt our sweet affair. Though this in no way compensates for the real deal but it is a pretty good consolation. 

So, we are back! After a dull winter, we’re ready to flash our charisma, show what that vigorous training yielded and snatch the  trophy away from our rivals. 

In the spirit of the game, let’s Bring it On! 

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