The evening of Saturday, 7th November provided a huge respite to students of IIT Delhi, after Saturday was converted into a working day by the officials as they flocked to Dogra Hall to listen to exhilarating performances by various hostels to earn some prestigious points for the BRCA General Championship with Music Club’s event Jukebox.

With 50 points at stake, each hostel did their best to impress the audience and the judges. Every hostel tried something new and innovative to win the admiration of judges. With points also for cheering, no hostel left any stone unturned to win those points. Each hostel performed the best out of their talents.The aura of Dogra Hall was one to be relished. It was really a treat listening to beautiful tunes. With the premise being filled with songs like Open Car, Comfortably Numb and Sound of Silence.

Most of the hostels performed 2 songs in the time limit of 16 minutes provided to them which included setting up of instruments and sound check. Few hostels couldn’t finish in the given time limit.
After 3-4 hours of intense battle between the hostel bands, the anchor Abhinav invited the judges to present the results. The judges applauded the efforts of every team and seemed really delighted at the performances. Finally they came out with the results to announce Girnar and Vindhyachal as the 1st and 2nd runners up. Zanskar hostel finished at the podium as they emerged as the winners of 2015-2016 Inter Hostel JukeBox competition. Celebrations went wild as people cheered for the lead singer of Zanskar Hostel. Jukebox finally marked the end of this semester’s competitive events.

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