Technology and Innovation Club


The Institute has take a number of steps to inculcate innovation into the students. With the change in curriculum and the inclusion of design courses and credits, the administration has clearly expressed its desire for students taking up more innovative activities.

What’s required is a similar initiative from the end of students that helps facilitate the innovation culture.

With improving QS ranking it’s certain that the research is happening, though it’s not very prominent among the BTech students. The club has come aboard to fill the gap. Their agenda is to instill an innovation ‘keedha’ in the minds of the students, giving them the confidence that any idea, however ambitious will be accepted, supported and worked upon.

In most situations these fine ideas cannot be implemented in the existing tech-clubs within the campus. Thus the void of a club which is generic in nature, which welcomes all types of ideas, where students from all disciplines can participate and try anything that is new to the world is filled by Ti Club.                                             


To begin with, Ti Club IITD is planning to introduce the IITD community to pioneers of innovation and entrepreneurship from across the globe. The activities then get extended to workshops where the students learn the basics of innovations and also get to realize their own ideas under the guidance of eminent technologists. The club will also be focused on Interactive sessions and resource sharing in the field of technology. 

With so many opportunities and engaging activities coming their way, the members of the club are bound to be captivated. As the director of the club puts it “Providing enriching experiences to students and creating an innovative atmosphere in the campus is our ultimate aim”. With a founding team of 15 enthusiastic executives and 3 responsible directors, one must certainly keep an eye on this club.





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