Inter Hostel Street Play, 2015


The noon of 20th September was filled with energy and enthusiasm as the voices of students competing in the Inter-Hostel street play competition echoed the SAC Lawns.

Each hostel was given 15 minutes and was allowed to use a maximum of 4 instruments. The drama society of each hostel picked up themes like the troubles of nomads, sex as a taboo and the recognition of transgender, and brought these seldom discussed issues to light; while others picked long troubling themes like cleanliness, bonded labour and hunger. They made us take a long hard look at our society and ourselves. Each hostel improvised with instruments like Xylo, bongo, flute, dholak and some also used colours and sticks. The judges Ms. Nandini and Mr. Anant, both having directed several plays lauded the creativity and enthusiasm of the hostels. The participants were judged on content, presentation, creativity, basics and the topic. Nilgiri Hostel (on hunger) backed the first position, followed by Udaigiri (on Indo-Pak ties) and Shivalik (on bonded labour) rounded up the podium standings.

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