BRCA is Comp Again!


A couple of years back, BRCA was turned into a non-competitive board on a trial basis on account of the rigging involved in some of the events. This led to massive disappointment among the people who loved the spirit of competition. But we were recently given good news when the BRCA general body decided to make the board’s events competitive again.

The meeting laid down several guidelines which are to be strictly followed by the clubs and provided an effective model for all their competitive activities. The following are the salient features of the model that has been finalized and approved in the meeting: 

Club Panels: Each club will have a panel consisting of senior non-graduating students who have been actively involved in the club activities. 

Verifiability of judges: Judges will only be selected on the basis of suggestions by the Club Secretaries and the Panel members and after review by the BRCA General Secretary and the Club Presidents.

Transparency of judging: Results and Scores will be maintained extensively by the Club Secretaries. Any concerns regarding the results could be raised during the declaration of the result itself with the judges.

Proper review mechanism: There will exist areview system to evaluate the fairness in each event and the Panel Members in each club can convey their grievances regarding this matter to General Secretary BRCA/President BRCA.

Monitoring of club secretaries: Monitoring of Club Secretaries by the BRCA General Secretary and President BRCA will be done and if found guilty of unethical practices, the points for that event will be scrapped along with appropriate punitive action against the responsible parties.

Scoresheets: All authentic scoresheets of all competitive events in BRCA will be made public by BSP on its official website.

Point System:Major events in each club will be allocated points on the basis of a system formed after extensive discussion in the Club General Body Meeting to be held before July 31st every calendar year.

Introduction of new events: Club Secretaries will have the freedom to introduce new events and designate them as competitive or non-competitive.

Final compilation of points will be based solely on the point system proposed and approved in the BRCA General Body meeting held for this purpose. No changes in the points policy will be done at any later stage. At the end of the year, the BRCA Trophy will be awarded to the Hostel with the most cumulative points.

The new measures do seem efficient in tackling the issues which were faced previously. The monitoring and feedback system, along with the transparency in scoring will go a long way in ensuring fairness in each event and in curbing unethical conducts.

The only issue that has been left ambiguous is the scoring system, based on which points will be allotted to different clubs and their respective events. This can have a huge impact on the final result and is a matter of extensive debate. Also the ‘no-change in scoring’ policy is something which goes against the board’s target. 

All in all, this model is robust enough to tackle the critical issues and to ensure that everything is done in a just manner. With all these measures, we will soon have hostels engaging once again in a healthy and fair competition to win the ever prestigious BRCA trophy.










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