British Parliamentary Debate


Debating Club, IIT Delhi organised the finals of Inter hostel British Parliamentary Debate on 13th August in the Jwalamukhi Common Room.

The room was full with enthusiastic freshers who got their first taste of debating in IIT along with of-course other members of the Debating fraternity at IIT. The teams which reached the finals were: Shivalik, Vindhyachal, Girnar and Satpura. The motion as explained by the invited alumnus Adjudicator Tapas Gandhii, a quite thrilling one, was set up with a context according to which the year was 2019 and Narendra Modi had already done a lot of developmental work. A journalist has come to know about the truth behind the 2002 Godhra riots. The motion was: This house being the journalist will reveal the information to the public.


After 20 minutes of preparation time, the teams began with their speeches. What followed was one of the most thrilling Debates with constructive points and rebuttals from both proposition and opposition. All the teams fought hard to earn the prestigious BRCA points by proving the relevance of their arguments. Finally the adjudicators gave their feedback to the teams and declared the positions. The rankings were in the following order: Satpura 1st, Girnar 2nd, Vindhyachal 3rd and Shivalik 4th. The top 3 teams won the BRCA points with Satpura’s team of Sagar and Siddharth taking away the largest pie. The best adjudicator points went to Kumaon and Girnar. The Chief Adjudicators Vedant Sharma and Akhil Jain, and the Debating Club Secretary, Nikhil Chaturvedi thanked everyone for making the tournament one to be remembered.





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