Ayush Jain, Summer Internship, Samsung Korea




Q. What was internship about?

A. My internship was at Samsumg HQ in Korea. I was posted in the energy efficiency department. We had a team and we collectively worked on developing energy efficient solutions. My position was as a Software Programmer and I had to create algorithms for the same.

Q. How was the work culture especially when you are in a different country?

A. The work culture was quite encouraging and lively. I never felt that the work was being imposed upon me. The people there were extremely helpful and hardworking. I felt really good after doing my work. However one thing, I felt was that there was some sort of hierarchical structure there and we had to report only to our immediate senior which wasnt very encouraging. One thing I would like to note is that Koreans were quite hardworking and worked usually 12-15 hours a day.

Q. How did you like the work assigned to you?

A. I really enjoyed the work given to me. I never felt being burdened. Indeed we were given weekly targets and I felt, these targets could be achieved by doing 8 hours of work per day. It was somewhat related to whatever we are being taught here. With the kind of assignments and studies we do here at IIT, I was easily able to design the algorithms.

Q. Are you hoping to get a PPO?

A. Yes, I have already got a PPO.

Q. Does the internship give you a better perspective of what you want to do in future?

A. Yes, definitely. Now I am definite that either I will do research in the area or maybe I will go on with the PPO. But one thing is clear that I wont do an MBA. I felt that it was interesting work and I would love doing it later in my life.

Q. How were the living conditions there?

A. They were very nice and lavish. Samsung themselves gave us an apartment specially allocated for Indians. The living conditions were really awesome. We were given single rooms. We were served Indian food and thus there was not much problem of food there. The people outside were also quite helpful and at no point I felt, I was in a different country. I remember one incident, where we went on hiking with completely strangers and at the end they bought a bunch of chocolates for us. I hope that says it all. We spent the weekends roaming the beautiful country which refreshed us from the weeks schedule.

Q. Any advice you would like to give to your juniors?


A. Find your interest as soon as possible so that you can start working in that direction. Take courses in IIT which you think might help you in getting a good intern and placement later on. Decide what kind of internship you would love doing. Do take an internship as it gives you a much bigger perspective about job. And do your work with complete dedication and put in your best efforts. 





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