What to do this Summer?


So it’s the long summer break round the corner. It’s time for a break from this always busy IIT life and earn some refreshments. The time gap is almost 75 days and henceforth there would be chances of some really long boring days during these vacations. Here are some tips on how to use this time in a productive and cool manner.

For all those travelers this is an ideal time to pack your bags and run for a really cool destination in this scorching heat. Visit the hills or plan a wildlife trip to the Corbetts and make sure there is a swimming pool around to enjoy some volleyball fun. It would be really nice to have a photographer in your group who can create your DPs as well as enhance his photography skills.

Another way to travel would be the unplanned trips where you don’t plan just go with the flow and let things pan out naturally. Those doing such trips be cautious but at the same time go with it because the thrill in such trips is altogether unique. And remember go to a new place like a traveler instead of a tourist to actually get a feel of it. If you are a food lover why not try to be a food critic and enjoy different types of foods. A way to do this would be by visiting your friends from the college or plan a trip such that you all get to visit the different home towns and henceforth enhance your knowledge about culture.

For the coding enthusiasts the time has come to master even more languages and even get a handy course on web development to add to your skill set. Do keep an eye on the various Hackathons and online coding competitions people. You can also master as many software as you want and customize them your way.

That now brings my attention to the different genre of people who are addicted to screens: Gamers. With GTA V released and ready for even PC, surely this is the time to complete the new missions. There is also another gaming platform for the adrenaline to flow: Battlefield Hardline. And there is always the evergreen FIFA 15 to try out you football skills and defeat your rival clubs. Actually the gaming season is always on but this is the time to make some personal triumphs in the gaming world.

For the musicians the moment has come to actually enhance your skills at various instruments. It is also a good time to even take up a course on guitar or flute and impress folks once you return.

There are a number of start-up enthusiasts too. And these 75 days you do have the chance to observe closely and fantasize your own start up. There are wide varieties of internships available and so this might just be your moment to realize how engrossed you are in becoming an entrepreneur.

Some folks are also eyeing up the foreign countries for internships and exchange program. And so it won’t b a bad idea to actually learn a new foreign language like La French.

There are many sport lovers too. Many are staying for the summer trials. A cool idea would be to pick up a sport you don’t know a thing about and learn it. Won’t you like to be able to swim in the cool waters of our swimming pool? Or may be ride a cool bike?

All this being said there is always the chance to complete the top 100 IMDB rated movies and the TV series so that you can join on the discussions you actually have no idea about right now.

That reminds me of the other big population of novel lovers and writers. The novel lovers would surely be aiming to finish a lot of books this summer. A nice thought would be to actually write a bit of review about each book you have read. You all can also try your hands at various autobiographies and get inspired and interested in how the real world works. For the writers it may well be the beginning of your blogging career. An interesting thing to do would be to log in on the campus diaries site and share your stories which may well earn you some reward. Do check it out.

There are so many things to do during this period of your life. A beautiful idea I would like to suggest is to keep all these cool stuffs and idea to a standstill for some time and pause. Yeah, pause and try to learn more about yourself. Meditate, maintain a healthy diet, hit a gym, and retrospect and introspect about who you actually want to be. Meet your loved ones and feel that you are loved. Spend time with your family. To know more about yourself and the people around you, try some community service .It would fetch you peace as well as a better understanding of the world you are in. Who knows? May be you are able to identify a problem and work towards solving it thus creating an impact on the surroundings around you.

I hope you guys would be able to enjoy your summers in a productive manner and come back fresh and ready to roll. Be safe, be creative and be yourself.




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