The Irony of My Life


By Anant Preet. 

I have no wings, But I still can fly,

My life is full of brutal truth and lie.

I have no light, But I still can shine,

My life is bitter- sweet like a sip of wine.

I have deep pain, But I still won’t cry,

My eyes are wet and sometimes dry.

I have no reason, But I still can smile,

My story goes on like the river Nile.

I have some friends, Both real and fake,

But the bond endures without any break.

I have a little anger, But I’m not cruel,

All the good and bad are in endless duel.

I have lost the game, But I still won heart,

My life is complicated like a piece of great art.

I have no foe, But friends with knife,

That’s why it turned to be The Irony of My Life!

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