Inter Hostel Basketball


 In a day of nerve-wrecking finales and tantalizing close endings, the Inter Hostel Basketball culminated on 11th February.

Starting from the Semifinals the first semifinal witnessed Zanskar leaving it until the last shot of the game to leapfrog Girnar into the finals and the other saw Kumaon’s late surge stopping a point short of Satpura.
While they were still reeling from their wounds, Kumaon and Girnar stepped up for the 3rd place match to grab some consolation which once again saw Kumaon fall agonisingly short once again as Girnar scored in the dying seconds to win the bronze.

The highly anticipated final was lit up by the enthusiastic and ecstatic crowd which came in great numbers to support their respective teams. The final, like all the other games of the day went down to the wire with Satpura clinching the Gold from Zanskar’s grasp by a mere point, winning 29-28
In the end, the true spirit of Basketball ruled the day.

-Reported by Ishan Tyagi




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