Inter Hostel Badminton


Inter-IIT is over but sports isn’t. Just one month ago, the Badminton team won the Bronze medal in the Inter-IIT at IIT Bombay. These players, who put their everything to win a medal for IIT Delhi a month ago, were competing against each other for their hostels today.

At 6 pm yesterday in the SAC Badminton courts the final of the Inter-Hostel Men’s Badminton competition was being played between Karakoram and Zanskar. Aman Garg and Raghuvendra were there to represent Karakoram while Amit Kothari and Gaurav Verma were faces of the Zanskar hostel. Both teams played magnificently and there was intense competition. There were long volleys and each point was fought for. There were a lot a spectators in SAC to witness the finals. The students from non-participating hostels had come in great numbers to watch these teams play. The Institute coach was also present to analyse and witness the players in this match. The shuttlers were cheered on and the crowd support was a great morale booster.

Finally the Zanskar team emerged as winners at the end of the contest. Zanskar won in straight matches with the final score of 2-1 in singles and 2-0 in doubles against Kara, the winners of the past three years. All in all it truly was a great match to watch.




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