Inter Hostel Group Dance


The Dance club organised its first competitive event this year- ‘Group Dance’, on Tuesday, 27th January.

One of the most awaited dance events of the year, it lived up to its expectations in a grand manner. Great levels of enthusiasm and commitment were shown by the participants and they received a roar of applause every time they performed the difficult and wonderful steps.

Unlike previous years when every single hostel performed, this year a group of 3 hostels were clubbed into a single group. Going by the crowd participation, cheering and dedication shown by the crowd and performers respectively, the event was a definite success. 

This year’s edition of GD was won by the group consisting of Zanskar, Himadri and Kumaon. They were closely followed by Satpura, Girnar and Karakoram. The winning team’s performance was applauded by most parts of the crowd and they deserved to win the competition.
This event’s success has set high expectations for various other clubs’ competitive events and it is widely believed that this year’s events will see greater participation and enthusiasm from the students. 

Reported by Vema Sundeep


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