TnP Work Ethics


 “Students have an attitude problem”

“We don’t think we’ll come for placements this year”

“They need counseling in work ethics”

“We’re disappointed in the behaviour of IIT Delhi students”

These are words of HR managers of several top firms that come to IIT Delhi. The Training and Placement cell has disclosed to the BSP that many companies are refusing to come to placements this winter due to the ‘negative attitude’ of most of our students, especially day one companies.  Is this what we have fallen to? It seems odd, unbelievable even, that companies, which most of us dream to join, (names of which remain undisclosed) have such a negative impression of our work ethic. The BSP, with the help of data from the TnP, tries to look into this grave issue.

From a transcript from one of the largest online retailing firms that came to campus, the BSP understands that students have shown a very rigid attitude while sitting for interviews. Some of them were very adamant that they would give interviews in only a particular time slot, and some did not even have the courtesy to switch off their phones while giving their interviews.

Other cases include students not showing up to work mid way through the internship, without informing the companies. People also tend to not show up to jobs, presumably because they already had taken up higher study courses, and had just taken up jobs as a ‘safety net’. Another major petrochemical company has complained that students misbehave with colleagues, and act as a demotivating factor for other employees. Such practices tarnish the image of IIT Delhi for recruiters. In this way, it isn’t long before companies realise that taking up students from our college isn’t worth their effort. This is the exact reason why IIT Delhi’s QS world ranking has fallen this year behind IIT Bombay, due to the negative employer feedback received.

Another major issue that the TnP cell feels needs to be addressed is the high number of fake certificates being deposited for verification. In an alarming (and disturbingly naïve) case, almost 200 similar certificates, belonging to a certain college fest, have been submitted this year. While this action is laughable, the TnP cell is not amused, as it is a crime to falsify information in CV’s, and legal action can be taken against these students, and they might also be debarred from sitting for placements this year.

Maintaining ethics play a major role in deciding the future of a college, and IIT Delhi needs to take a long hard look into tackling this issue.




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