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One of the major perks of working for BSP is the people you get to interact with, and the perspectives you thus witness. Having helped us a lot with Kavyalaya’14, Mr. Yaseen Anwer, a refreshing poet and the founder and managing director of the Poets Corner Group, also agreed to share with us his journey, and his views on poetry. Here’s what he had to say!


 1.     Please tell our readers a little about the Poets Corner Group.


Poets corner is a platform for emerging poets to rub shoulders with eminent personalities (such as APJ Abdul Kalam, Vikram Seth, Ruskin Bond), providing them a pedestal to share the stage, and take inspiration from their work. We intend to make the budding poets believe that even they can write, and to motivate them to raise their level. Besides that, we also organise the Delhi Poetry Festival, which being quite similar to the Jaipur Literature Festival, confines itself to poetry, literature (Urdu, English and Hindi) and provides the poetry enthusiast a platform to manoeuvre their skills.

 2.     How did the idea come up, and what was your inspiration to devote yourself to it?


Previously, I had been associated with a lot of organisations but I was not happy with the way they functioned. Be it financial or mental exploitation! In 2004, I started developing an interest in poetry. But at that time, there was no social media which could provide you an easy platform to share your views, perceptions and endeavours. In 2011, I decided to start a group with an aim of sharing poetry of amateur poets, creating a motivating and nurturing atmosphere for them and to cover up the flaws of the organisations that I had previously joined. Now, we have approximately 19000 members in our group and we look forward to rise above our currently set levels.

 3.     What made you sure that poetry was your calling inspite of pursuing a completely different field that is engineering?


I always knew that poetry was my calling. In 2004, I saw writing as a hobby but wasn’t too serious about it. But, when I was exported to Bangalore from Delhi to pursue my engineering, a lot of things changed for me! In contrast to the chaos in Delhi, I was alone and silent in Bangalore. This was when I got to explore myself, got to know more about myself `and realized that poetry is what makes me happy! I realized my passion, my strong inclination for it and that I wanted to make serious contributions in poetry!    

 4.     How does it feel to have published anthologies alongside the likes of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Ruskin Bond, and Gulzar?


Of Course, it feels special! I feel motivated and inspired about sharing the stage with such eminent personalities. Meeting personalities about whom you have only read about in school is a unique experience and leaves an indelible mark forever!

 5.     And who would be your favourite poet? Any particular works you like the most?


Favourite is a wrong word! By saying favourite, you tend to create limits beyond which you have no intentions of rising! But, poets like Emily Difference, Sukriti Paul Kumar and Gulzar Saab that have taken poetry to another level!

 6.     What is your opinion about the young generation of writers coming in?


We live in different times now. Poets are no longer considered to be the ones dressed in “kurta-jhola” who stop at tea halts for their shero-shayaris! The perception has completely changed. With the rise of social networking sites, various emerging poets have been provided with a platform to showcase their talent and emotions and they are using it well! We have dug a well; let’s see how deep it goes!

 7.     Is there any final message that you’d like to give all us budding poets?


Something that is of utmost importance in poetry is a pure thought. But a suggestion I would like to give to budding poets is that there is no substitute for getting the essence of practical poems. Reading practical poems is mandatory. For urdu readers, Ghalib saab is a must! Keep reading to explore the new dimension of poetry!


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