Ban on Illegal Downloads


In a bold move, the administration has decided to come down strictly on illegal downloading of movies and other material.

The WiFi system that is already plagued with problems is further hampered by the large volume of material downloaded from multiple sites, torrents perhaps being the chief culprit. For those who are unaware, such acts fall under violation of copyright laws, and are liable to attract even criminal penalties. The copyright law restricts reproduction, distribution and other uses of copyrighted materials. The Indian penal code clearly prohibits individuals sharing and distributing any material whose exclusive ownership does not rest with them, and violation of the above can attract a jail term for three years, and a fine of two lakhs.

The IIT administration is concerned with these developments, and has made it abundantly clear that future violations of the honour code will not be dealt with lightly. The internet services provided to us are largely for academic uses, and such acts only complicate matters for both students and the administration. The message from them is clear -Better stop or face the heat!!! Perhaps students would be wise enough to follow it.

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