El Último Partido


By Ishan Tyagi

El Último Partido or ‘The Last Match’ was organised on 27th April by the IIT Delhi footballing community at the institute field between the ‘Outgoing’ team led by previous captain Prateek Kulhari and the ‘Rest’ team led by the current captain Shivank Rawat in the manner of a farewell match for all the passing out seniors as a tribute to their immense contribution to the entire footballing culture at IIT Delhi.

The match had a bit unconventional structure where it incorporated three thirds instead of two halves and the substitution was rolling. The match was symbolic in its essence, but once on the field, no player let his professionalism flow in the emotions, and played with utmost dedication. IIT Delhi’s most decorated veteran Jai Kumar opened the scoring in the first third with a curler from the edge of the box, which was replied by a similar belter in the next third by Monoj Basumatary. After that, the game was essentially one way traffic with small spurts of intent by the ‘Rest’ team. The ‘Outgoing’ team added another when Mayank Gurjar leaped onto the rebound off the goalkeeper and shot the ball between his legs. The match culminated by a stunning over the top midfield goal by Sanyam Mehra, a testimony to his incredible skills.
The final scoreline of 3-1 in favour of the ‘Outgoing’ team, clearly indicated how dearly their absence will be missed if IIT Delhi is to repeat their heroics of 2013 and past years, when it has never fallen short of the podium finish. Once the match ended, it was clear that the ‘Rest’ team has a long way to go, but the message that was more comprehensible was that the Seniors, their memories, their inspirations, their messages will be sorely missed, not only by the footballing Community, but by the entire Institution.

IIT Delhi Golden Team(Outgoing): Jai Kumar, Mayank Gurjar, Prateek Kulhari, Anmol, Sanyam Mehra, Ashish Bhandari, Yamit, Somit Pangtey, Uday, Kabra, Manish

Photo Credits: Stuti Bhattacharya


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