The department did a splendid job of catching the attention of people through their presentations. The Optics related projects demonstrated the the laws of Reflection , Refraction, Diffraction as well as the principle of Total Internal Reflection. There was a demonstration of concept of TIR through optical fibres. Also there was display of white light reconstructed holograms which can be observed through white light only. There was a 3D printer demonstration going on which was the centre of attraction for school children.

Further there were demonstrations of solar cell simulator and CBD which seemed quite Information oriented. Also there was demonstration of Mach-Zehnder Interferometer which made people wait in queues due to lack of space. The other important thing for the school children was the quiz held on Science. Besides these, there were many projects hanging around in the lobby which were demonstrated by concerned people very easily and politely. Overall the efforts of people were quite appreciable and people got to know about the Physics in details.


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