Civil Engineering




Paper Bridge

Harshvardhan, Anshul, Nikhil, Ayush and Dheeraj came together under Prof. Abhijeet Ganguly to make an extremely cost-effective bridge built solely with newspaper. Apart from being extremely light it can be extensively used in factories solving the problem of thermal expansion of steel. Its weight to load bearing ratio is remarkable and was evident when a mere 3kg bridge can hold up an 80kg load.


Bamboo Beam
A beam to revolutionize the construction industry was on display. Mukul, Rajat, Rohit and Vaibhav guided by Dr. Suresh Bhalla built this beam that could be used in construction of all types of building. While it doesn’t compromise on load bearing capacity, it is resilient to earthquakes and doesn’t break down even if some part cracks. It has reinforced joints and a stable base. It can be filled with concrete to provide further stability and support.


Retractable Bridge
Under the instruction of Dr. Vasant Matsagar,  Mayur, Shubham and Abhishek built a retractable bridge. This bridge is extremely useful in unforgiving terrain and can be quickly by the army to navigate chasms. It can be folded into a very compact form and thus poses no problems in transportation.

Double Helical Bridge
Given direction by Dr. A.K. Ganguly, Gaurav, Naveen and Kunvar were able to build a unique bridge. This bridge, unlike its contemporaries, can be curved thus providing greater connectivity and choice of path. The name comes from the fact that two helixes of different diameter wrap around the bridge providing greater torsional strength than the straight bridges. Also it uses less material and thus is cheaper to implement.

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