IITD’s Chemistry department is housed on the 6th floor of the Multi-storey building or MS in short.
It provides to courses for students of all departments and has its own MSc and PhD programs.This year being the International year of Crystallography saw the department put up posters to mark the occasion. Keeping in mind the number of school children who attend the Open House there were certain fun and interactive exhibits that helped the students to better understand topics and see the subject in a new light.

Avantika and Preeti, both first year MSc students put up a demonstration explaining how chemicals are used to make drugs and cosmetics and how these have humongous implications on the quality of human life. The students were shown the chemical composition and physical samples of drugs like Abilify,Nexium and Cresta. The demo was so popular that there was always a large crowd around the exhibit.

There was an introduction to the various labs used by both the undergraduate and postgraduate students. There included the glass blowing workshop under BS Pandey and the lab in MS602 that was involved in fluorimetry and other spectroscopic instruments under Prof. Siddharth Pandey. The glassblowing laboratory showed how glass instruments were made and explained how important these were in carrying out experiments. Mahipal,Ashish and Shruti , all MSc students, gave the students a tour of MS602 , explaining how the different apparatus were used and also demonstrated certain simple experiments to the students delight.


Another popular exhibit was the demonstration of how proteins in Jellyfish result in their unique colors and how Fluorescence was relevant to this. IITD’s Chemistry students demonstrated the working of the Green Fluorescent Protein present in jellyfish and how it could be transferred to other animals.Saurabh,Sandeep,Nidhi, Mona and Shivnetra ,working under Prof Pramit Kumar Chowdhury also demonstrated how quantum dots emit different lights based on their sizes.

In addition to all these events there were fun activities being held as well ,like the  Chemistry Quiz in MS717. There were also exhibhits regarding Assymmetric Organo Catalysis and its biologiccal and chemical impacts.Amol, Bhaskar,Pradeep,Arup,Krushna and Vijay working under Dr. Ravi P Singh demonstrated the usefulness of chirality and how it was central to their work which involved the synthesis of Chiral Molecules using organic catalysts.

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