Open Meeting with the Director – First and Second Year Students


One key thing that separates a prestigious academic institute from others is its willingness to discuss and address the problems faced by its student community. An epitome of this was the ‘Open Meeting with Director’ which was held on the 20th April,2014 at Dogra Hall for the first and second year students of IIT Delhi.

Prof. R.K. Shevgaonkar, Director, IIT Delhi, was present for the entire duration of the meeting along with several other faculty members including the Dean of Students and the Dean of Academics.

Several issues from all three spheres of life at campus – academics, hostel life and student activities were discussed in detail during the meeting. Students not only expressed their problems but also came forward to suggest possible changes and give feedback.

Some first year students apologized for indulging in plagiarism in the CSL100 and MEP100 course last semester. The director asked all students present to take an oath against plagiarism. He also said that it was important for the first year students to set an example for all incoming batches to stop students from indulging in dishonest practices.

The director also said that he would look into the possibility of increasing the download limit from the internet (currently 2 GB/week). Students also suggested several measures to promote technological and scientific co-curricular activities in the institute. An interesting suggestion was to make these activities as important as cultural activities at the hostel level. The director said that it was heartening to see such a change. It was also made clear that institute was willing to promote all kinds of technological clubs provided that the students show continuous interest and enthusiasm rather than doing it merely to decorate their CV.

A large numbers of questions were asked regarding the quality of mess food, the condition on washrooms and the lack of proper drinking facilities in the institute. The Dean of Students said that all these things were being looked into and he also asked all students to play a much a more active role in the mess and maintenance committees of the hostel. It was reiterated several times during the meeting that students should feel free to discuss their proposals, suggestions and complaints with the administration.

To conclude , the meeting was a big step forward in making the freshers feel more integrated in the IIT Delhi fraternity.

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